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3D Virtual Labs is well-renowned Web and Mobile Development Company. We are providing this service from last 2 years and have lots of happy clients with us. We provide all AngularJs development related solutions which include web applications, smartphone application, front-end development  and game development. Your presence on this page shows your interest in AngularJs. So let me give a brief of how AngularJs can be beneficial for your product.

What is AngularJs ?

AngularJs is getting lot of good response from users in recent years. This is very powerful JavaScript framework created by Google, a most reliable IT company of the world. The reason for its popularity is that it enhances the most used standard markup language of web pages i.e HTML with new attributes. HTML which helps to create static web pages, with AngularJs Vocabulary can create dynamic web pages now.

Angularjs Development Services

The more your web pages or applications are dynamic, more it will be user-friendly. Your product is only successful when your end users are happy with your product and here AngularJs will help you. AngularJs being open-source is completely free and thousands of developers are using it without any difficulty. Applications developed in AngularJs are compatible with multiple browsers. This is why Angularjs UI development is getting so popular.

  Benefits of Angularjs

There are lots of benefits of using angularjs. Some important benefits are given below :-

  • AngularJs helps to develop very clean and maintainable Single Page Application.
  • AngularJs application can run on multiple platforms.
  • Data binding to HTML is another capability that AngularJs have, it give users more profuse and responsive experience
  • To use AngularJs means write less code but still have more functionality.
  • AngularJs components can be reused.
  • AngularJs provide facility to test each unit code which further help in proper functioning.
  • AngularJs implement MVC in the unique style which makes AngularJs to manage and connect all the component for you.
  • AngularJs provide deep linking which helps to bookmark the application.
  • Dependency Injection in AngularJs helps to develop better applications which can be easily tested.

 Angularjs Services

3D Virtual Labs being one of the best Angularjs Development Company , delivering quick yet robust Angularjs Development Solutions to its clients. Our team of developers have expertise in developing AngularJs applications, games and User-interface. The list of services we provide under AngularJs are:

  • Custom AngularJs Application Development
  • Angularjs Web Application
  • Custom Plug-ins Development
  • Dynamic AngularJs Web Application Development
  • Interactive E-commerce cart development Services
  • User-friendly AngularJs Application and Front -end Development
  • Dynamic AngularJs Game Development Services
  • AngularJs Portal Development
  • Content Management
  • Angularjs built in services

What is Angular 2.0

Angularjs a popular javascript framework used to developed web application worldwide. Angular 2.0 is the next version with great features. Newer version is used to develop more user friendly web applications for mobile.
To get better result modules are removed from Angularjs, Now you can use any part according to your requirement in newer version(Angular 2.0). Angular 2.0 is a structure that is helpful to develop application more faster and also offering number of services.

Benefits of using Angular 2.0

  • It’s more compatible with modern browsers.
  • Angular 2.0 is more sufficient to develop mobile applications.
  • Angular 2.0 overall performance is improved to design better applications.
  • Application developed with angular 2.0 loads faster.

AngularJs Tools

AngularJs has many different tools like Webstorm, Aptana, Sublime Text, Karma, Jasmine, Mochajs, Protractor, Angular Batarang, Ng-Inspector and many more which makes this framework most suitable for front-end development and single page applications.

As it is built on the MVC architecture, it helps to make AngularJs UI and applications more dynamic and responsive and at the same time easy to develop. DOM methodology on which this framework focus also enhance its testability and performance that ultimately make Angularjs applications more efficient and effective.

Hire Angularjs 2.0 Developer

We, 3D Virtual Labs, are the teams of best developers who have tremendous experience in development of different kind of applications, games and websites. By hiring our AngularJs developers you will hire perfection and dedication for you and your product. We make sure that you will get the best solutions in given deadline. May it be AngularJs game, UI or application development, you will get best in each service at very reasonable prices. You can discuss your project with us anytime with us; we are here to guide you the best solutions which will make your product successful. As for us, our client’s success is our success.

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